Friday, June 6, 2008

Thoughts From the Road

My mind is an emtpy vessel, similar to a glass. It can be filled with water, which is pure, or the glass can be filled with alcohol, which paints the illusion of fun and happiness, however, robs me of my will and ambition, leaving me emtpy and dry in the morning. The alcohol in fact dehydrates my body, sending me aching for water, for the purity I needed all along. I have a choice what to put in my body and with what thoughts to fill my mind. Positive vibrations are key. Like water, they are refreshing and cleansing. With the right ingredients and intentions, I will only manifest good. Peace Pilgrim speaks of human potential, of how we have only scratched the surface. Once you begin living a selfless life, for the good of the whole, she says, you tap into an infinte energy source. Call it what you will, God, Buddha, Jesus... I think we are all connected to this source for it is within us, however are not accessing it daily due to the power and influence of our Ego, which creates an elusive barrier, a false self individual indentity separating you from me. Walking with a heavy pack on all day takes a tremendous amount of energy and is quite draining. Throughout the day I must continue to refuel my body and mind with water and positive thoughts, reminding myself why I am walking on this pilgrimage and of all the people supporting me. It is quite remarkable how much energy I can recieve from something as simple as a colorful flower along the roadside, passed and unseen all day by the hustle and bustle of modern life. Or maybe an elegant bird will perch itself on a tree above and chirp me a tune. Or even a simple thought, a memory of my friends in OB. Like Barclay, ripping it on the guitar as we sit around the living room and Jeremy pours us Chinese tea. These simple things provide me with much strength and joy as I walk and give me fuel for the long road ahead. While they can be external things in the environment which trigger this spark, like a flower, a bird, or the powerful ocean waves, this energy is found within in me and can be accessed at any time. It's a beautiful thing. The only thing limiting me from doing or attaining anything, is the same thing which allows me to do it, my mind. As I spend more time away from the city and in tune with nature, I notice a profound shift in my state of mind. For the first time I feel some of the conditioning and mental pollution of society starting to melt away and I'm beginning to uncover my true Buddha-nature (which has been forever flowing like a stream underground).

May all beings be Happy
May all beings be Well
May all beings be filled with Peace
May all beings be filled with Loving-Kindess


Amber Forest said...

Hey Sweet Heart! It's Amber Forest from People's giving you a jumbo sized cyber hug. I'm going to be keeping track of you via your blog; someone here at the Co-op kindly posted the web address on the cork board. This is the first post i've read thus far and it is very inspiring. I love what you said about alcohol . . . too true.

I've got a young blog myself (started in decemeber of last year) . . . it's all photos so please stop by when you get a moment.

We all miss you here, and talk about your grand adventure while we eat our celestial salad and tempeh wraps.


Alli said...


Just wanted to say Congratulations thus far. I know it hasn't been easy and It's good to see how you've been doing.

Wish I would have gotten to know you better during the time we were in class together, but it was nice talking with you while we did. And crazy how I saw you the day you started walking :)

just wanted to let you know what you're doing is really inspiring.

Take care.. I'll be back on here to see how you're doing!!

Alia said...

Great Work,
I am excited for you. I can relate to this so much.
I hope you the best.