Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Lover and the Beloved

After 5 weeks of solo traveling through India, my Beloved Charlotte has finally arrived! It was strange, really, being a part for so long. Too much time for the mind to wander without her... My memories of our togetherness were fading as I grasped for them empty-handed like smoke. What did it feel like to hold her? What did she smell like? Will she still love me? We were both equally nervous and excited Thursday morning. Riding in a taxi with two Indian brothers, apparently the younger one decided it would be a good day to learn how to drive... we took it nice and slow down the winding hills, with frequent unexpected "clutch" stops. As the taxi neared Gagal airport, my heart was pounding with adrenaline. We turned into the airport entrance, through the gate, and - JERK - the car stopped. We all started laughing as I reached out with my hand... So close! Eventually we did make it. And out of the terminal walked the most beautiful angel in all of India. Dressed her finest Indian garments she was glowing. As we embraced, she was shaking from excitement. And just like that, I was Two again, and we were One.

Now the real journey begins. When two souls collide. Where the sky is the limit and our heart is our guide. Flowing wherever these high winds blow. It's been so much fun to show her my "world" I've been livin for the last three weeks here in Dharamshala. I get to re-live the excitement of arriving in India for the first time through her. Today we took a trip to the monastery of His Holiness the Karmapa, where we received his blessings! Squeezed together with a bus full of Indians, laughing about nothing, her hair blowing in the wind... I was blown away. For the last four years or so I have been dreaming about traveling through India with the one I love. Today that dream is a reality. And it is beyond my wildest dreams. Much love to all of you who are reading this, to those whose paths we have blessedly crossed, and who have loved and supported this journey. You are in our hearts and prayers every day. Hare Om!

I'll leave ya'll with one of my favorite Sufi songs:

The Lover and the Beloved.
The pearl inside the shell.
I can't remember which is which,
when my heart begins to swell.


holy flame said...

The Beloved Lies within
Open up your Heart

Your Heart, Your Heart, Your Heart, Your Heart

Priatum Yehan reheta hei, apne dil ko kolo

Tomare dilmai, tomare dilmai

the love of God is always with you, let grace and beauty
shine on through
the Beloved Lies within, Open Up Your Heart


your dharma talk today most real, precious, insightful, profound.....

u recall what Pa says: "Real Happiness lies in making others Happy"

Looking forward to seeing both you and Char in Hindustan......

On my way to SB, CA for the LA Sahavas.....will be singing some, Charles Haynes, who married Janet & I will be the featured guest...

Maggie and I reviewed today's entry as well as the next most recent one. She sends her love to you both, happy traveling!


Kunal Punjabi said...

Hey there Seth, its me Kunal (City guy :P) from the bus to Leh. Just read your blog and it brought a smile on my face. I wish you all the luck and success in your journey to seek the truth. We will hopefully cross paths sometime again in life.

Kunal :)

PS: Feel free to call me if you ever come to Mumbai at +91 98330 20050.