Monday, August 30, 2010

Meditations at Pangong Lake

With rock as my seat,
tucked in shawl to protect from high winds.

I sit on the edge,
of intense shades of indigo blue, aqua navy.
Sounds crash into changing shorelines,
sending ripples of timeless peace.
Above us only snow.

The 'Roof of the World'
sits across the shore.
A dip in her cool blue waters,
is to step foot
in the 'Land of the Snow.'

'60% of its surface lies in China,'
the Guidebook says.

A small yellow bird squawks,
flying over head.
A symbol of timeless freedom,
naturally rings in song.

Is it Ladakhi or Tibetan?
Indian or Chinese?
There are no boundaries in the sky,
it is boundless like the original Mind.


Matthew said...

Wonderful, wonderful sister and brother! The Tibetan characters so mindfully inscribed on that Buddhist prayer script are a delight to see. Jackson and I continue to learn the fundamentals of Sanskrit (known as Sanskritam to 'insiders') four days a week. What prayers are those monks reciting? Are small prayer cards like that very common? Do the monks have a set of inscribed prayers approved by the sect itself (like a canon)?

Auṃ Tāre Tuttāre Ture Svāhā!

And so the road goes ever on...

JOY! <3

Mindful Roots said...

Thanks brother, great to hear from you. Someday soon I hope to also study the ancient Sanskritam! Right now at the ashram we are chanting aarti and kirtan every morning and evening in that sacred tongue.

I don't know exactly what prayers the monks were chanting, as they are chanting SO many all day long - every day. As far as a Tibetan Buddhist canon? To the best of my knowledge there is no SET canon. Many esoteric or secret Tantric texts (gtermas) continue to be scribed or DISCOVERED! But I think most of their prayers and studies come from Prasangika Madhyamika and Abbidharma schools of thought.