Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Californian Summer Song

California sure is a beautiful state. I have lived here all my life but have not truly experienced the land until now. I feel like I have earned the right to call myself a true native Californian. As I walk along the highways of the north, I wonder what life was like for the natives, the Pomos, and other tribes of the land. Before the roads, before the buildings, before the pollution. I imagine walking through vast Redwood forests  in between villages, sipping cool, pure water from rushing creeks. I look out at the vast Pacific to the west, and the powerful mountains to the east.  I pick delicious blackberries on tip toes beside the highway. I wipe sweat from my brow and look down at all the dead bumble bees beside the highway. I have seen thousands. They must be flying into windshields. 

In between sets of speeding traffic,
Empty spaces of deep silence.

The ocean is timeless,
Neither coming nor going,
Eternally present.
Constantly changing,
Rock formations re-arranging.
yet still.

A perfect moment. Breathe.

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