Saturday, July 26, 2008

Final Steps

After 64 days I have made it to the town of Arcata, my new hood! My last day of walking was a long one, I clocked in 21 miles, walking from the farm in Loleta to the grassy lawn of Humboldt State University. The entire day was spent walking along the busy 101 freeway. I didn't care though, I was so excited I was able to tune out the cars and cruised at an incredible pace. As I passed through the town of Eureka, a girl on a bicycle stopped and asked me, "Hey are you the guy who's walking to school?!" Yes... "I just read your latest blog last night. Congrats on making it here!" I couldn't believe it. It was Rachel, a student at HSU who had sent me an e-mail weeks ago, sending me positive vibes. We chatted for a few minutes beside the road and then I headed on, ascending my final steps to Arcata. At 5:30pm I exited the freeway and walked up the ramp, the HSU campus was quickly approaching. I had to rub my eyes to make sure it wasn't a mirage. I ran up and collapsed on the grass. I did it! I actually made it. I looked up at the sky and began laughing, thinking back at the journey, and how far I had come. There were so many times where I didn't think I would make it, not like this. I could have rode up the coast in a day and a half in a car. But I would have missed out on the journey of a lifetime. I give so much thanks and praises to the universe. To the gods, the spirits, the buddhas, whatever forces brought me here safely. I am so thankful to all of the amazing people in my life and who I met on this pilgrimage. I truly would not have had the strength to do this alone, and it was your love, support, and positivity that carried me up the coast.

I am now staying with Jocelyn, the wonderful girl who wrote the story on my journey, in her apartment in town. Now I must complete the final stage of the pilgrimage, the re-entry into society. I am exhausted and need to rest, and try to process what has happened these last two months. I need to find a home and prepare for the upcoming semester.

I still can't believe I'm here. I feel like when I go to sleep I'm gonna wake up in Ocean Beach to find that this was all a dream. I need to find a job...


chevelle said...

faith,hope,and courage are all w/ you now use these tools for something good . be the better person teach others how to be kind,loving,supportive !

mesh old w/ new and make something for everyone .

you walk a coast much better than you rake a back yard ,great job bro congrats !

wish you could be here monday night to hang out ttyl , adam

jodi said...

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who opened up your homes and hearts to my son, Seth, along the way...old friends, and new...your generosity and lovingkindness will not be forgotten!

Mamma Jodi

shonda said...

Seth I'm so glad you made it to your new home safely. I've saw you walking near Fortuna and you looked familiar, then the next day I saw you walk past my work. I had read your story and looked at your pictures so I recognized you but it took me about a day to figure out where I remembered your face from. You're beautiful I'm glad you made it home safely, such an inspiration. much love Shonda

tmusichans said...

I'm glad you made it! I've been following your journey. However, your journey is just beginning. May it be filled with joy, happiness and peace!
Todd in Santa Fe

Alli said...

Congratulations Seth. I see you made it. I just now saw your blog, but hope all is well with you.

Tyler Anneliese said...

This is one of the most beautiful things I've read on a blog... thank you Seth!!