Friday, September 17, 2010

Aligning With the Cosmos

One way that we can stay in touch with the rhythms of the universe, is through the colors we choose to wear. Each day correlates with a planet, and each planet is related to a certain color, element, gem, feeling etc.

By dressing in accordance to the planet, it helps to you to align with the natural rhythms of the cosmos. Your whole outfit does not have to be the color, but make sure it is visible somewhere on yourself, then sit back and feel the natural rhythms take you in the flow!

MONDAY: Moon Day Silver, Pale Blue, White


WEDNESDAY: Mercury Green, Green-Blues

THURSDAY: Jupiter Yellow

FRIDAY: Venus Pink, White, Pale Colors

SATURDAY: Saturn Black, Dark Brown, Dark Blue

SUNDAY: Sun's Day Orange, Gold

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Matthew said...

Yaya!! This is one of my most favorite ways to align microcosm with macrocosm!! Wonderful post! If you haven't already read Robert Svoboda's "The Greatness of Saturn", I must recommend it. It's a translation of arguably the most important myth in Jyotisha, the Indian art of astrology. It is a wonderful, fast, gripping read... "a therapeutic myth," as Svoboda calls it.

Light and Love! <3