Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pranic Healing

At some point we have all heard the accounts of miraculous healings. The water at Lourdes, France is said to heal any ailment. Submerge in the Ganges and your karma is purified. Jesus could bring the dead to life, as could Sri Yuketswar, the teacher of Parmahansa Yogananda.

But how?

The answer is Pranic healing. The word prana in Sanskrit means vitality, life force, or literally the supreme energy. Pranic healing is that which is bringing the vitality into being. That is how the blind could see again, the dead revived, and the sick brought back to health in all miraculous healings. Yes it can be called a miracle, but it can also be called the science of Pranic Healing.

Based on the studies and research of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, we were given a workshop on how to become Pranic Healers ourselves. Class began with an inspiring talk on the fact that each and everyone of us can be a healer, because healing is about tapping into the life-force energy, God, the Supreme, Mother Mary. Your choice is how you tap into that supreme cosmic energy, to allow yourself to become an instrument in which the prana may come through you and into another being. We were led through a series of simple steps to become familiar in our own abilities as Pranic Healers.

1. Sensitize the hands: through a series a exercises, clapping of the hands, then holding the hands together and pulling them apart slowly to feel the energy pulsating between.

2. With a partner (I choose Seth of course) you stand 3 meters away from the other person. Then with eyes closed, slowly move in closer, holding out your right hand until you can feel the vibrations of their energy field or aura (tricky business, you have to be really focused to be able to feel it, but it is there, we all have them).

3. You then create an imaginary fire (or trash bin) next to the person. This is a very important step because you need a place to put all of the negative energy that you clean from the person, in order to extinguish it properly. Moving your right hand in a clockwise motion and simply say, "here is the fire."

4. Then you sweep the aura and chakra line of your partner. If there is a particular area of sickness or pain that area can be concentrated on. You sweep the chakras clean by moving your hand counter clockwise on top of each chakra, placing all of the negative energy into the fire.

5. Then you must distinguish the fire, moving hand counterclockwise, "fire be gone" (you can make up your own lines, but that is the gist of it).

6. Wash hands with salt to remove any negative energy.

7. With right hand up and facing forward, and left palm facing up towards the sky, you ask the universe, God, Shiva, Mother Mary, or the Cosmos to "please let me be a vessel for healing this person. Please send positive healing and white light into my body so that it may shine on this person."

8. In a clockwise manner, you re-energize the chakras, focusing on any trouble spots, re-energize the body, then very importantly, ask the energy to stabilize in the body.

9. Last step is to then say, "now that the energy is stable, please cut the connection of energy flowing between us."

10. The Pranic Healer is then to wash their hands.

This is a very simple and easy method of healing, which can take just 5 minutes, but can have tremendous results. Seth said he felt like a million bucks after I did it on him. And, you don't even have to be in the same room as someone to practice this type of healing. Pranic Healing can be done from the other side of the world! That is how subtle and complex our energy fields are.

So let me know if anyone needs me to use my body as an instrument for Pranic Healing, because I am ready and willing.......ohhhhh which reminds me of an important step I forgot.....before step number 8 where you re energize, you must ask the person," are you willing to receive this healing light", because if someone is not willing, no amount of medicine or Pranic energy will work to heal them. Never underestimate the power of the mind, the power of your own intention, Jesus, the Ganges - this healing happens because people have faith that it will heal them. We are our own best doctors, so be kind to yourself, think positive thoughts, and as "The Hidden Message of Water" reveals to us, living in "Love and Gratitude" forms the most beautiful crystals in one's own body.

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